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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council 2021 - 2022

Year 6- Lily-Mai

Year6 - Liam 

Year 6 - 

Year5 - Kaysha

Year5 - Jasmine

Year4 - Haja

Year4 - Maisie

Year 3 - Isa

Year 3 - 

 Staff - Miss Bowers

Staff - Mrs Hackett

Odd Sock Day - To show we all support Anti- bullying Week.


Over the past three weeks School council have been coming up with ideas to celebrate Christmas. They have come up with the idea of having four real Christmas trees (one for each phase) and planting them on the field near the car park so that parents can see them. Each class will make decorations to put on the tree.

The school council have been very busy writing letters to Miss Griffith telling her about their idea and asking for the Christmas Trees.

We are very excited to tell you, Miss Griffith agreed with the idea and has said we can plant them on the field that way the trees will continue to grow and be decorated every year.

School council will be planting these trees on Thursday 3rd December.

Look out for our Christmas Trees.


Planting the Christmas Trees