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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

March 2021 Latest News

Its been a whirlwind of a term! Thank you for your continued to support. Have a fabulous break and enjoy time with your children that does not involve remote learning!

Take care - stay safe and sane 

School Holidays 2020-2021

Year 6 had a special visitor yesterday as part of their science topic on evolution - 'Shino' the bearded dragon. Turns out they move very quickly hey Brierley Forestaht­čśé The children have done some amazing art work based on his eyes - I'll post some pics when they have dried.

International Space Station sighting...


Ahead of BFPNS STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - starts on Monday), why not head outside tonight to see if you can spot the International Space Station fly over? Have a read of Tim Peake's explanation below. Enjoy the viewing smiley


Tim Peake


Tonight’s pass is another good one. Traveling west to east from 19:22hrs GMT and almost directly overhead. It will be visible for pretty much it’s entire transit of our night sky. Tonight the clocks spring forward so visible passes will be even later in the evening. So enjoy an early one while you can! ´┐╝


International Space Station

Fact: I often get asked ‘Can you see stars and planets from the station?’. The answer is a definite ‘yes’. Without an atmosphere to pass through, their light is bright and steady, not the twinkling we sometimes see from Earth. To capture photos of stars and planets is not easy as the cupola (the large space station window) is always Earth facing. You also need to wait until the station is in Earth’s shadow and use a longer exposure time than we do when we take day shots. When the station is in sunlight, we don’t see any other stars because the sun outshines other sources of light. In the same way it does here on Earth. The only difference is we don’t look up at a blue sky, we look out at the blackest black of space.

Graphic: GoISSWatch app

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Sadly we have a confirmed case of Covid in school. The Treehouse bubble is now closed. A text has been sent to the parents informing them & the official letter is attached here for all parents information. Please don't shoot the messenger, they are a standard format sent from PHE.

Forest Schools - Donations letter

Red Nose Day 2021

Free School Meals - Are you eligible, and how to apply.

Year 3 Swimming - March 2021

Parents Evening 24th & 25th March

SchoolCloud Parents Evening - Parent Login

Demonstration of the parent login of SchoolCloud Parents Evening with Video Appointments

Welcome Back!

It is wonderful to have all the children in school today. I have been round each class - everyone is very settled.


In the words of a child in KS1 - 'I've really liked today; I liked seeing my friends, seeing the teachers, I liked my lessons and I liked my dinner.' I would say that is a good day! There were many tired children by the end of the day - I hope they sleep well! I trust you have all enjoyed your first day of no remote learning too!! It has been lovely to catch up with some of you and to see all the children - although I was a bit surprised by the lion and the giraffe that were 'spotted' in EYFS!!! Sleep well, see you all tomorrow


Guide to regular testing for parents with children at nurseries, schools & colleges

World Book Day Information - Thursday 4th March 2021