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Welcome to Year 2 Class pages.


We have two classes; The Believers and The Go-Getters. Miss Jowle and Mrs Bird

                             are our teachers and we also have Mrs Amos, who is our teaching assistant across both classes. 






PE Timetable

The Believers - Monday PM 

The Go-Getters - Monday PM 

Please come to school in your PE kit


Reading Cafe

The Believers and The Go-Getters go to the Reading Cafe on a Friday - this is when the children's book will be changed. However, please ensure that your child brings their book to school everyday along with their planner. 

Project Titles - Year 2 

Autumn Term 1 - 'Is new better than old?' 

In Project this half term we investigated the question ‘is new better than old?’ with a focus on our place in the world and how we affect it. The children looked at their local area and began to use geographical and historical language to describe their area and how it has changed over time. We looked at the major cities of the United Kingdom and investigated the history of Sutton in Ashfield with a particular focus on the mining history.


Autumn Term 2 - 'Should we just throw it away?' 

Our project this half term will have a geography focus and we will work towards answering the question ‘Should we just throw it away?’ 

To start our project off, we will be observing how humans treat our local area.  We will then broaden our horizon and look at the world, naming the seven continents and five oceans – again discussing the impact that humans have upon it and what we can do to make it better.  Can your children teach you the continents and ocean songs?

We will also be getting creative by exploring different media and materials to create collages and look at explaining why we have chosen the materials that are used. 

Throughout our project, we will make use of ICT to explore and use a search engine and send emails – we will learn how to do this safely and responsibly.



Spring Term 1 - 'How has the Great Fire of London impacted on our lives today?' 


In project this half term we investigated the question above with a focus on whether the human race has learned anything.

We learned skills such as researching and sequencing and developed our historical vocabulary. We read an extract of Samuel Pepys' diary and learned about why he was important during the Great Fire of London. We learned about how the fire started and the reasons as to why the fire spread so quickly.


Spring Term 2 - 'How does the area we live in dictate the jobs we can do?'

In this Project we began by focusing on our local area 'Sutton In Ashfield'. We looked at the town centre and noted different facilities that the town centre had to offer, such as; shops, cafes, bus stations and libraries. We than began to look at what each different facility could offer us in terms of a job. We discovered we could be a bus driver, a shop keeper, a chef or even a cleaner. We than compared 'Sutton-In-Ashfield' to a place called 'Madagascar'. We discovered that although a lot of the facilities were similar, such as; shops, taxi driver etc... We also noticed that Madagascar had a lot of coast lines, harbours and beaches. In class we discussed jobs such as; captain of a boat, fisherman, life guard or a coastal manager. 
Once we collected all the information we could on 'Sutton-In-Ashfield' and 'Madagascar' we began a comparison. This really enabled us to dig deeper into what the similar and difference were between the two places. Finally, to complete our Project we looked at some art work. We discussed sketching and the different sketching techniques and strokes. We used these skills to sketch the sun-dial and other famous places. 


Summer Term 1 - 'What can we learn from famous Artist?' 

In project during this half term we are exploring art, with a focus on the artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.  We will be working towards answering the question ‘What can we learn from famous artists?’  We will begin by unpicking the question and asking ‘What is an artist?’  The children will be shown a variety of art pieces from numerous artists before being introduced to Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.  Children will compare how the different artists have used colour, shapes and patterns within their work.

Using the knowledge that they get from this project, children will be given the opportunity to create their own pieces of artwork using a range of medias including sewing and printing.

We will be incorporating the use of technology into our project lessons and will be encouraging the children to use search engines to carry out research on our focus artists.



Summer Term 2 - 'How can food be transported from field to factory?' 

Stories to help children if they feel worried about Coronavirus.

Beating Your Worries- some great ways to keep your mind healthy!

Year 2 Common Exception Words