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Year 6 Science - Heart letter 29.09.21

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to a ‘new normal’ term in Year 6!  We would like to take this opportunity to say how well the children have settled back into school after such a long time.  They have very quickly adapted to our new routines and it is fantastic to see their enthusiasm for learning in school.



What to expect in Year 6

Being in Year Six comes with a lot of responsibility; the children are expected to be role models and ambassadors for the school.  Year Six pupils are the children that the rest of the school look up to and the students that define our school vision and values.  As such, we expect exemplary behaviour from all the children in Year Six at all times during the day.


Although there is a lot of hard work in Year Six, there are lots of things to look forward to as well, including fun and exciting projects.  Although we are not sure how of things to come this year, we are always determined to give our Year 6 children the very best experiences and opportunities. 


Year 6 Classes and Staff

Stargazers Class, found on the second floor in school, is taught by Mrs Vourlou and supported by Miss Jordan.  


The Possibilities this year are taught by Mr Cull, again on the second floor in school and supported by Miss Jordan.


Lastly, are Architects who are taught by Mr Purrington and are supported by Miss Jordan on the second floor in school. 



Autumn 1 

Over the course of Autumn 1, we will focus on how impossible situations have been made possible through resilience, perseverance and the use of innovative ideas throughout history. Children will focus on the local area and community in which they live; they will also delve into other ‘impossible’ scenarios and challenges that people have had to overcome in a the wider world.



Autumn 2

Whether you are one person in your school, a small charity in the local community or the leader of a multi-million-pound company on the other side of the globe – we all have the ability to change the world. Through our project in Autumn 2, we will focus on how different individuals have made both positive and negative changes to the world and how this impacts us today. Year six will putting their creative skills to the test by baking biscuits and giving a small donation to the Green Peace charity in order to make a positive contribution to the world.


Spring 1

Over the course of the Spring 1 term, we sensitively delve into the past to uncover some of humanities darker truths. Through studying past genocides, the children learn how it is strength and willpower of those facing upheaval, and the kindness of others that are important qualities; they also develop an understanding of the importance to avoid such tragedies occurring in their and future generations.


Spring 2

Whether you were born in the late 50s or the early 2010s, the world around us is changing faster than we can keep pace with and our population is growing at an alarming pace. Because of this, the way we as humans use our planet is changing, and due to ground-breaking developments in technology, it has enabled us to live some of the most inhabitable places on the planet. This half-term the children uncover how humans use land different around the world and how it has changed throughout recent history.


Summer 1


Summer 2

PE Days

Currently to avoid children having to bring additional bags and clothing into school, children are being asked to wear their PE kits into school and both PE sessions will be taught on the same day to avoid doing this multiple times a week.


The Architect's and Possibilities' PE day will be on a Thursday and The Stargazers PE day will be Wednesday. Furthermore, children should come dressed appropriately for all occasions, including the cold and rain, as an indoor slot may not always be available and children are being encouraged to do PE outside as much as possible.


If children have their ears pierced, they will be expected to take out their earrings for PE lessons.

General Reminders


Children are ‘served’ their homework menu every half-term which is linked to the half-termly project in class. There is no minimum expectation for children to complete these tasks on a daily or weekly basis, but children can choose which tasks they have an interest in to develop their love an enthusiasm for learning. Children will be rewarded will a Class Dojo for each piece of homework completed.




Regular reading is of vital importance to support children's academic progress so please encourage your children to read as much as possible. By Year 6 children may be reading independently more often and writing in their own reading school planner – however we do ask that parents are monitoring children’s reading at home and signing in their school planners.  Children will have a weekly slot in the Reading Café (on a Friday for Year 6) where they are able to change their books.




Each Friday, spellings will be given out to the children at the end of the day for them to learn for the following week. We are expecting that children will be practicing these at home alongside our work in school. These spellings follow the statutory spelling rules and lists for Year 5/6.