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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

School Uniform

School Uniform

Wearing school uniform serves a number of purposes; it supports our children's sense of belonging to BFPNS, it keeps their other clothes clean and less worn, it prevents the competition that often exists between children for having/wearing the latest trends and it prepares children for life beyond primary school - both at secondary and in work the children will be expected to wear certain clothing/uniform. We expect all parents to support school by ensuring that all children have the correct uniform. We do not expect children to wear clothing that has the school logo on, we are more than happy for children's uniform to be bought from the supermarket and other cheaper outlets to keep the cost down. We have a uniform bank in school, clothing is provided by other families donating uniform that their children have grown out of, best of all its free! Please contact the office if you would like to browse the selection. Some children prefer to wear shorts and dresses in the winter or trousers in the summer, this is the child's choice - we want them to feel comfortable during the day.


If your child has particular needs that affects any of the uniform expectations, please contact Miss Griffith to discuss and together we will find a solution.


Brierley Forest School Uniform

Dark Grey/Black trousers, shorts (not cycling shorts), skirts or dresses

Pale blue or white t-shirt or shirt

Royal/Navy blue jumper/cardigan

Royal/Navy blue fleece

Blue and white summer dress

Black shoes


P E Uniform

Pale blue or white t-shirt (usual school t-shirt is acceptable)

Royal/Navy blue jumper (usual school jumper is acceptable)

Royal/Navy blueblack or dark grey shorts or joggers/leggings 

Black trainers


Body Adornments including jewellery and false nails

It is not appropriate for children to attend school wearing many of the fashionable body adornments ie false nails, make-up and body piercings. They often pose a risk of injury either to the wearer or others and can get lost easily. Children may wear small stud earrings and a watch only - these will need to be removed for PE including swimming.


Please do not send children to school wearing necklaces, bracelets, other piercings, false nails etc, children will be asked to remove them and they will be returned to you at the end of the day.


Should you send your child wearing any body adornments, school does not accept liability for any lost items.

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