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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School


                          School Structure


Senior Leadership Team:

Miss S Griffith

Head Teacher

  Mrs N Wallis  Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs E Smedley

Assistant Head Teacher

  Mrs D Bemment-Morris  School Business Manager


Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Miss S Griffith - Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss J Pottinger - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N Wallis - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs E Smedley - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C Wesley - Designated Safeguarding Lead



Foundation Unit Teachers

Miss L Hale

F1 – Curious Caterpillars


Miss E Pownall-Brown

F2 – Busy Butterflies



 Key Stage 1 Class Teachers:

Mrs J Roberts

Year 1 – The Gruffalos


Mrs C Wesley

Mrs N Wallis

Year 1 – The Elmers


Mrs K Bird

Year 2 – The Believers


Mrs D Mclachlan

  Year 2 - The Go GettersKS1 Phase Lead


Key Stage 2 Class Teachers:

Miss E Jackson

Year 3 – The Wizards


Miss D Gale

Year 3 – The Discoverers


Miss C Harley

Mrs E Smedley

Year 4 – The High Flyers


Miss S Bamford

Year 4 - The Astronomers

LKS2 Phase Lead

Miss A Cropley

Year 5 – The Voyagers


Mr L Wood

Year 5 – The Navigators


Mrs J Vourlou

Year 6 – The Stargazers


Mr T Cull

Year 6 – The Possibilities


  Mr O Purrington  Year 6 - The Architects UKS2 Phase Lead


Whole School SENDCo

Mrs C Wesley


Family Support Manager:

Miss J Pottinger


Teaching Assistants:

Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2



  Mrs J Amos

Miss K Bowers 


Mrs L Seeley

Miss L Townley


Mrs T Hackett



Mrs E Cobley

Mrs A Lloyd

Mrs M Swain

(SEN support)


Mrs M Swift 

(SEN support)

Ms S Roebuck

(SEN support)

  Miss D Durkin 



Miss C Thompson 

(SEN support)


 Miss C Walton






The Busy Bees (Nurture):

Miss L Townley



The Treehouse:

Mrs L Lane (Lead)Miss S GriffithsMrs L Frost


The Trailblazers:

Miss K Bowers



The Pioneers:

Mrs T Hackett and Miss C Walton


Administration Team:

Mrs D Bemment-Morris

School Business Manager

Mrs A Deakin

Administration Officer

Mrs L Williamson

Administration Officer

Mrs L Sowter

Clerical Assistant


Midday Supervisors:

Ms E Wright (Senior Mid-Day Supervisor)

Mrs D Smith

  Mrs K Wainwright (Senior Mid-Day Supervisor)

Mrs J Sharpe

Mrs D Day

  Mrs L O'Sullivan

Miss LM Wainwright

Miss Z Ashmore

Mrs M Swain


Ms B Woodland


Mrs D Parkin



Breakfast Club:

Mrs K Wainwright (Breakfast Club Leader)

Mrs D Day

Mrs M Swain (Breakfast Club Leader)



Catering Services:

Main School:

Foundation Stage Unit:

Mrs J Naylor (Kitchen Manager)

Mrs J Naylor (Kitchen Manager)

Mrs M Postlethwaite


Miss R Bown


  Miss O Ogbighele 


Cleaning & Facilities Management:

Mr P Talbot (Site Manager)

Ms E Wright (Assistant Caretaker)



Foundation Stage Unit

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Mrs J Sharpe

Ms E Wright

Ms T Corbett

Ms E Wright

Ms L Hind

Ms C Walton



Mrs B Woodland



Staffing Leadership