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Word of the day

This week we are going to do something a little different. We are going to recap some of the words we have learnt in this half term and do a short quiz each day.


Can you use the pictures to help you answer the questions smiley 


What is Africa


a) A forest



b) An ocean


c) A continent


  Can you write a short sentence about Africa?



What is a fact?


a) something that is false


b) something that is true 


c) a place in Africa


Can you write a fact?



Where is the savannah


a) In Africa


b) In the UK

c) In the Arctic 


Can you write a sentence about what is it like in the savannah?



What animals lives in the Arctic?


a) Dolphin and Sharks


b) Husky and seal



c) Penguin and monkey 



Can you write a sentence about what it is like in the Arctic?



What is a minibeast?


a) a reptile


b) a bird


c) an insect


Can you describe your favourite minibeast and upload your sentence to purple mash and we will see if we can work out what minibeast you have written about.