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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Where in the world am I?

It's A Small World | It's a world of laughter | Action Songs

Where do you live? 


What County is Sutton-in-Ashfield in?



Can you find you home on Google Maps?


What Country is it in?

Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.

The world is split into continents. We live in Europe. Try singing this song.


The is the Union Jack, it is the National Flag of the United Kingdom.




Can you make a flag like this? Have a try.

Below is one you can print and colour or paint.



Print out the flag and decorate it.

The National Anthem

Listen to the National Anthem of Great Britain.

How does it make you feel?
What do you like about it?
What instruments can you hear?
What is it about?

Famous Landmarks. Look at the pictures, talk about them, can you draw them or make a model?