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What Makes You Special? (Autumn 1)

What makes you special?


This term we will be learning all about ourselves

and what makes us



We will be looking at who we are, where we live, our friends, our family, our feelings and our senses. 



Keep an eye out on this page to see some of the interesting things we get up to!

Where we live!


This week we have been learning all about where we live.

We have been reading the book:


This has taught us a lot about the world we live in!


We know that we live on planet Earth and that our school is in Sutton-In-Ashfield.

Some of the children even knew the number and street they lived on or a landmark which was near their house which was super impressive!!!!


We enjoyed looking at google maps to find our school and some of our house, the children were amazed that we could see Sutton like this and were eager to find their own houses.


The children have also enjoyed getting creative and making their own paper plate Earth as well as making some houses. They thought carefully about the materials and colours they were using to create their world.


Look at some of the children's fantastic work below!


Who we are!

This week we have been learning all about ourselves, what we look like and things that are special about us. We have thought about our physical appearance but also about our favourite things, our talents and some of the things we find difficult.


We found out you can't just know some of this by looking at someone. 


We know that not everyone is the same and we are all different.


Although as the children pointed out some of us do have the same name! 

3 children with the same name in a class is bound to get confusing!!!!


In maths this week Miss Hale wanted to find out a little bit about what we already know so we have been thinking all about colours, patterns and shapes and what we can see around us.


The children enjoyed pointing out some of the shapes they found.





Our family

This week we are learning all about our families and how they are all different which is what makes our family special and unique.


We are thinking about who is in our family (including our pets!) and thinking about what family means to us.


We have been discussing what our families like to do and how it is ok that we all have different people in our families.

We also know that one thing that makes families the same is that we all love our family. 


Look at some of the family trees we created which are up on display in our classroom. 

We know that in a family tree the oldest people go at the top and the youngest people go at the bottom.





In F2 we love to sing and we have recently learnt a song about families! 

We even learned the makaton action for family, can you remember what it is? 




Growing up


This week we have been thinking all about the changes in us as we grow up. 


We have had lots of fun thinking about what happens at the different stages of our lives and even looked at real photos of Miss Hale as she was growing up!


We have enjoyed sequencing pictures to show the different life stages we go through.



The children had lots of interesting ideas about what happens at each stage of our lives. Here are some of their ideas. 


When we are a baby we....

When we are a toddler we...


When we are a child we...


When we are an adult we...


When we are old we...



We know we are more independent as we get older and we are learning to do new things all by ourselves. 


The children discussed what they wanted to be when they grow up.

We had some 'visitors' in this week where the children got to ask lots of questions to find out more about what they do for their job. The children had lots of fun and asked some fantastic Who, Where, Why, What, and How questions!



We also learned a song about growing up. 

Have a listen and see if you can remember the words. 

Our feelings and emotions 

This week we have learnt all about different feelings and how our words and actions can make other people feel. 

We read a story called The Colour Monster which taught us all about the different colours each feeling has and what to do when we feel a lot of different feelings at once. 


We thought about how we don't all like the same things and things might make us feel differently and that is ok.


We then made our own colour monster masks and paintings using our scissor and painting skills carefully and thinking about what we can do and who we can talk to when we are not sure what to do with our feelings and emotions.


Have a look at some of the masks and monsters the children had created, can you remember what feeling matches the colours? 

Our senses

Can we all see the same?

No, some of us have to wear glasses.


Do we all like the same feelings, smells and tastes?

No, we all like different things.


Do we all hear the same?

No, you could be deaf.


This week we explored the different senses by doing some experiments to think about if we could all see, feel, smell, taste and hear the same things.



We got blindfolded so we couldn't see and we had to just use our ears to listen to who had taken the tambourine.





Look, smell and taste

We tried lots of different dilute juices, to guess what it was before we drank it we looked at the colour, we smelt it and then finally we drank it to see if we were right.


Miss Hale tried to trick us with some orange food colouring in water but we knew it was water because it didn't smell like orange!!





What makes us special?

This week we have been bringing our project to an end and reflecting on all of the things that make us special and unique.


During our project session we got a news report sent to us! Watch the video below and see what is was about! 

The children then had a go at making their news report and answered our question.




Here are just a few of our answers:

"I have 2 plaits in my hair."

"I play football."

"I help my mum."

"I live my daddy and grandma."

"I like pretending to be a ballerina."

"I am good at writing my name."

"I live in Sutton."

"I have a dog called Nova."

"I have got brown hair."

"I have 2 brothers and a sister."

"I am happy."

"I want to be a police man."

"My favourite food is chicken nuggets."