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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Spring 2

This half term we are going to be learning about animals and their habitats and we will be learning about how things grow. 


Look what we found in our outside area! We wondered how the polar bear got to our school?!



We then started to learn about where polar bears live and what their natural habitat is like. We also learnt about other animals from cold environments - please see the PowerPoint below smiley

Noah's Ark

We then learnt about the story of Noah's Ark and Miss Pownall-Brown brought in her brothers special Noah's Ark from when he was a little boy. We played with the animals and made sure that they all got into the Ark safely before God sent the flood!

When the flood had finished, we carefully let the animals out and we sorted them into their natural habitat of water, desert, ice and grassland. 


A visit from Shadow - The Guide Dog Puppy

Reverend Barbara kindly brought her guide dog puppy, Shadow, into our school to visit us. She told us all about what guide dogs do and let us stroke Shadow too! He loved having cuddles with us and he loved to roll around on our carpet! Reverend Barbara was showing us some of the training Shadow has had before he learns more training to keep blind people safe. 

We loved having Shadow in our classroom and we loved learning about how guide dogs help people who are blind. 


We then discovered other animals had made their way to our outside area too!

How did they get here?

Where did they come from? 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We spotted a clue... footprints!!!


We read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and then we learnt about the animals that live in a hot environment. We learnt about what they need in their natural habitat to survive. 


Handa's Surprise

We found some eggs in nests outside!

We thought about who had put them there and what might be inside. 

We used the iPad's to take photo's each day to see if anything had changed!

We noticed that some had started to crack!

Signs of Spring

We started to discuss what we are noticing outside. We are starting to see leaves growing on the trees again, blossom growing on the trees, lambs in the fields, flowers starting to grow. It is beautiful outside and we have loved exploring outside and talking about what we can see and hear!

The Lifecycle of a flower


We started to grow our own cress

We learnt that plants need water, sun and the right temperature to grow. 





We started to grow our own cress seeds. We placed the pots by the window so they could get the sun light and each day we watered them and watched them begin to grow. 

Happy Easter

We learnt about the Easter story and we celebrated Easter by going on our very own egg hunt in our outside area!

We had lots of fun searching for the chocolate Easter eggs and the best part was getting to eat them... they were very yummy!