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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Spring 1


We had so much fun exploring Winter when we came back to school! We loved investigating the ice and snow! 

Oh no! Someone had frozen our superheroes!

We needed to investigate... and quickly... before it was too late!

We had lots of ideas and tried some of them!

We tried putting on in the sun outside... but then we realised it was still too cold because it is Winter!

We tried putting some fabric around it... this was melting it a little, but not that quickly!

Then we had an idea to put them in front of the heater! This was melting it much quicker! We then added some salt too and eventually we saved the day by getting the superheroes out of the ice!


The Evil Pea had escaped and was causing so much trouble! We needed to save the day and stop him committing more terrible crimes!

We made our own super vegetables to help and we also made traps to catch the Evil Pea!

A visit from real life superheroes!

We loved talking to the Police about what they do and how they help people. We asked them lots of questions and learnt about how they help our community!

We listened to the siren, sat in the police van and tried on some of the uniform!

We had so much fun!