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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Spring 1

W/C 31/1/2021

Police Visit 


For the last couple of weeks we have been learning all about real-life superheroes! We have thought about the police, firefighters, doctors and many more. We discussed how they might help us and what their superpowers might be. 


The children thought that the police were only there to help us catch bad guys, so we asked some local police officers to come in and talk to the children all about what they did to help our community. We got to listen to the siren, sit in the police van and even try on some police uniforms.


Don't forget to remember to wave to them if you see them in Sutton Caterpillars!



W/C 17/1/21

Super powers 

This week we have explored lots of different superpowers that superheroes could have.


We really enjoyed looking at magnetism and exploring how it worked. 





W/C 10/1/2021


Oh no!

The Evil Pea escaped and caused so much trouble at school.

We had to make our own superveggies/fruit to help save the Supertato!

W/C 3/1/2021


We had so much fun exploring winter and finding out what it is like outside in winter. The children were so excited to see, explore and talk about all the snow and ice we found outside.