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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

R.E. & P.S.H.E

R.E and P.S.H.E at Brierley

Here at the Brierley we recognise that understanding each other and understanding ourselves is of great importance and therefore Religious Education takes a prominent place in our curriculum. Across the key stages we learn about the key values and practices of different religious faiths. While the school is not linked to a church we believe that it is important children know and understand teachings from a variety of faiths and practice tolerance. Children have weekly lessons to facilitate this.


We learn from religion through discussion and questioning and support children to develop their self-awareness and understand values are important to them. We allow children time and space to develop these themselves in accordance with their age expectations. This is vital to enable children to develop confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-discipline and responsibility. Lessons make use of philosophy for kids and engage children in questions that are difficult to answer. Children have a great wealth of ideas which they share in their written work as well as using drama, ICT and art. 


Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing we help develop their sense of self-worth. We teach them how society is organised and governed. We ensure that they experience the process of democracy in school through the election and membership opportunities provided through the ECO Schools, and School Council Programmes. Not only does PSHE allow children to understand their place in the world but it also enables them to further understand themselves, with lessons centering on wellbeing, mental health and their growing and changing body.


  • Know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle
  • Be aware of safety issues
  • Understand what makes for good relationships with others
  • Have respect for others regardless of race, gender and mental and physical disability
  • Be independent and responsible members of the school community
  • Be positive and active members of a democratic society
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem and make informed choices regarding personal and social issues
  • Develop good relationships with other members of the school and the wider community

This Term

This term in R.E. we will be looking at what makes an inspirational person, exploring who inspires us and why. We will then be linking that to our understanding of Christianity and influential people in both modern and historical contexts within the religion.


Our PSHE unit this term has a number of focuses. We will be looking at:

  • Internet safety and messaging online
  • Relationships online
  • Physical changes which happen to our bodies as we grow older and mature
  • Emotional changes as we grow older and mature
  • Basic first aid - treating cuts, grazes and bleeding.