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Brierley Forest

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Knowledge Progression

Here at Brierley, we aim to provide a fun and engaging curriculum, that provides children with a wide breadth of different skills. Across the year each of our project questions contains a humanities or arts focus, providing children with a wealth of knowledge and allowing each child opportunities to flourish. Our curriculum also hopes to aspire children in their future endeavours as we research past and current world events as well as exciting job roles.

See below for an overview of our project questions in Year 5.

Knowledge Organisers

Take a closer look at what we will be learning each term.

 We have looked at other blogs to find what the disadvantages of plastic are.,in%20the%20trash%20every%20minute.



As part of our culture day we have learned about countries from around the world. Firstly we planned a trip to another country. Then, we focused on how they dealt with plastic waste. after that, we looked at religions and celebrations within the country.