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If you haven't already please check on the sounds your child knows using the below grid. It would be helpful to tick the ones they do know so then you can concentrate on the ones they are less confident with. 


If your child needs to practise with a sound, you can find all the links to the videos on the document below as well as the link to the phonics games which you can use to practise. It is better to be confident in using the sounds before you move on to the next one. 



As this is the last week of term we will be uploading all remaining videos for you to do this week and into the summer if you wish to.

By the end of Reception the expected standard is for children to be confident with phase 4 (Reception videos).

The link to the website to find all the videos is: 


If your child is unsure of some of the phase 2 or 3 sounds:


Use the list above to recap the available videos or use the games to practise the ones they don't know.

If your child knows all phase 2 and 3 sounds:

Let's keep practising phase 4. See the above link for more videos.

If your child is doing well with phase 4:

Carry on.

If your child knows all of the phase 5 sounds taught so far:

Make sure they are confident in all phase 5 sounds before continuing with these.

Some of these videos start using alternative pronunciations for graphemes you already know