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Hi everybody, I have gone back and labeled all of the videos with the sound they are teaching and will put this in a document below so you know where to find them.

If your child has struggled with a specific one or needs more practise, then go back and have a go at the videos they need or use the phonics games linked below to practise the specific sounds. Don't just speed through them all. It is better to practise and consolidate.


You might want to use the document below to check which sounds they know and which will need more practise.


We are also aware they are not always the most exciting videos but you can complement this by using games etc to practise the new sound learnt. You will find some of these linked below. 



If you are in Mrs Swift or Mrs Seeley's group:
If you are in Miss Hale's or Miss Pownall-Brown's group:
If you are in Mrs Cobley's group: