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Last week we learnt all about 2D shapes. Can you remember the 6 shapes? Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon! Remember, 2D shapes are flat


This week we are learning about 3D shapes. These shapes are not flat... they are solid. 

We are going to learn these 3D shapes: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and a pyramid. 


3D shapes have:

Faces: these are the 2D shapes you can see on a 3D shape.


Vertices: this is where two edges meet to make a point. 


Go through the PowerPoint with your grown-up and talk about the shapes together. Do you already know any 3D shapes? 


Can you learn the 3D shape song with your grown-up? Can you add in your own actions too?


Play the factory game to sort the 2D and 3D shapes out. 



Remember the rules: 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are solid! 




Watch the video about cubes and cuboids in the kitchen.

Can you go on your own 3D shape hunt around your house?   


What 3D shapes can you find?

  • Can you describe it to your grown-up?
  • How many faces does it have?
  • How many edges does it have?
  • Does it have any vertices?
  • How do you know? 


Play 'Guess the shape'


Make a collection of small objects that are 3D shapes, such as a small ball, a toy building brick, a dice and a glue stick. Hide the objects in a bag or pillow case. Take it in turns to describe and guess the shape. 

Don't forget to say how many faces, edges and vertices it has. 


Who can guess the most shapes correctly? yes 

Can you think of a way to record your scores? enlightened


What can you make from 3D shapes? 


Ask your grown-up to get some boxes from your recycling. 

Can you use the empty boxes and packaging to make a model?

Can you design your model first and label it?

You could make a house, a car, a castle, a robot and so much more! Be creative and use your imagination! enlightened

Talk to your grown up about the different shapes you used and how you made your model. Which shapes are the easiest to build with? Why?


Can you take a photo or draw a picture of your finished model?