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As it is the last week of home learning we are going to be doing lots of fun activities to recap some of our maths learning.

You can choose which activities you do across the week and in the summer holidays too if you wish to. smiley


Counting activities:

Click on the images below to access the game smiley





 Can you count the number of each superhero item and write the numeral in the box. 


Can you make your own tally chart? 

Remember to use a mark, line or picture to represent each answer. 

Think about something you want to find out about your family and friends. 


Here is an example: 




Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

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Counting Down From Twenty Song

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Measure activities: 

Let's get baking!


Can you find a recipe that you would like to follow to make a delicious treat!

Make sure you follow the instructions and measure out the ingredients correctly. 



Shape activities: 


Can you make a 2D shape?



What can you make from 3D shapes and recycled materials?

Ask your grown-up to get some boxes and other recycled things from your recycling bin. 

Can you use the empty boxes and packaging to make a model of something?

Can you design your model first and then label it?

What will you make?

Can you talk to your grown-up about the different shapes you used and how you make your model? Which shapes are the easiest to build with? Why?




3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

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Can you complete the pattern?



What patterns can you make?