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This week we are going to be looking at numbers to 20!

We need to recognise them, match the number to the correct amount and make sure our number formation is super too!



Today we are going to learn all our numbers to 20 and see how many we can already know. 

Have a look at the numbers below, which numbers do you recognise? 




Now let's go on a number hunt! 

What numbers can you find around your house or on your way to school, the shops or to the park?

Have a look at door numbers, number plates, on food packages, clocks and in books or magazines. You could take pictures or write down all the numbers you find!


You can also play this game to help the helicopter find the correct number to rescue people!


Make sure that your sound it on so you can hear which number you need to find. 





Today we are going to write our numbers to 20 using our fingers!


You will need a shallow tray or plate filled with either glitter, flour, sand, rice or sugar.


Can you write a number on your tray and ask your grown-up to guess which number you have written? Can your grown-up write a number now and you guess which they have written? 


You could also make a rocket out of 2D shapes and write the numbers down the side, counting down from 20 to BLAST OFF!!



Today you will need to make or print off number cards to 20, don't throw them away as you will need them tomorrow too smiley


Ask your grown up put them around a room or in your garden.

Your grown up is going to tell you to find one more or one less than a number which you will then go and find.

You could even time yourself to see how many you can find in 1 minute. 


For example "Find one more than 7" what number do you need to find? 

That's right, the number 8! 


Remember 1 more means the number is going to be bigger, and 1 less is when the number will be smaller. 



Today we are going to be matching a number to the correct amount! 

Go through the PowerPoint below and see if you can match the correct amount to the number. smiley

 Your next task is to use your number cards to 20 again and find your favourite bear or animal. 

You will need 20 things, you could use stones, sticks, crisps, whatever you want smiley


Choose a number card - can you give your toy the correct amount of things? 

Can you take a photo and upload it to purple mash so we can see your fantastic learning laugh



Today we are going to be filling in the missing numbers on a number track. 

Can you fill in all the numbers that are missing?



Now can you help George find the number to fill the gap in the apples?