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This week we are going to be exploring lots of different shapes and how we can split them into half and quarters. 


Today we are going to recap our 2D shapes! 2D shapes are flat. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and see if you can identify the 2D shapes! enlightened

Can you play the game to identify and match the 2D shapes to the monster!

Click on the picture below to access the game smiley




Now let's go on a shape hunt!


What 2D shapes can you find around your house and in your garden?

Can you post a picture of all the different shapes you find and upload your findings to purple mash? 

You could write each shape name on a piece of paper and put the shapes you find around the shape name so they are all together. 



Now we have recapped our knowledge of 2D shapes, let's make some! 


- Can you go into your garden or a park near your house and collect some sticks, pebbles and leaves? What 2D shapes can you make using these materials? 

- Which shapes are the easiest to make using sticks?

- Can you make a circle out of sticks?

- What other materials can you use? 





Today we are going to be learning how to half shapes. When we half something it means it has to be split into 2 equal parts. We can do this by using the lines of symmetry. This means we can cut something in half, and they will be the same. 



Have a look at this pizza. I have cut the pizza so I have 2 parts. Although I have made 2 parts, are they equal parts? No, so I have not cut it in half. 


Can you find the pizza that has been cut into half? A, B or C?




               A                     B                   C                                                                                                                                   

Explore the PowerPoint below to help further understand halving shapes. 


Now can you make some 2D shapes out of card or paper and then half them?

What pictures can you make out of half of shapes?


Challenge - can you cut your shape into quarters?


If you have half of a pizza and half it again - it makes a quarter. Which is half of a half. 






Today we are going to look at 3D shapes. These shapes are not flat, they are solid.  

We are going to be recapping these 3D shapes: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and a pyramid. 


3D shapes have:

Faces: these are the 2D shapes you can see on a 3D shape.

                          Edges: the outside line of the shape.                                                             Vertices: this is where two edges meet to make a point. 


Go through the PowerPoint with your grown-up and talk about the shapes together. What 2D shapes can you spot in the 3D shapes? How many do you see? 



Now let's listen to the 3D shape song!

We love this song at school!

Click on the picture to listen to the song.



Challenge 1: Play 'guess the shape' with a family member. Take it in turns to describe a shape and see if the other person can guess which shape you are describing. 


Challenge 2: Can you make a rocket out of 2D shapes? Which shapes will you use? Can you use half of any shapes too?


Challenge 3: Play the 2D and 3D sorting game - click 'Myself - I'm a student' to access the game.