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This week we are going to be learning about weight and capacity. 


Today we are going to focus on weight:

Have a look at the scales below.

How do you know which is the heaviest?

How do you know which is the lightest?



Have a look a the scales now. What do you notice?

The scales are balanced which means they weigh the same amount. 


Your challenge today is to turn yourselves into a human scale!


We are going to go on a hunt around our houses and find 2 things that we can weigh in our hands. 

Remember the scales and what to do if something is heavier - will it go up or down?

What about if something is lighter?


You could ask your grown up to take a photo of you measuring different things and comparing them and upload it onto purple mash so we can see what you have found out! smiley



Go through the PowerPoint below and see if you can work out which is heavier and which is lighter. 



Today you will need:

- a coat hanger

- some string 

- 2 paper cups 

- some objects to weigh


We are going to make our very own weighing scales to see what else we can find out about weight. 



What can you find out?

Can you start to order the different things you weigh from lightest to heaviest?


When you have weighed at least 3 different things, can you order them, take a photo and upload it to purple mash?



Today we are going to be focusing our learning on capacity.

This is the maximum amount that something can contain. 


Look at the pictures below to learn about different capacities.



Can you help the monsters find which milkshake is theirs?

Now for your challenge today you will need a cup or a bottle. 

Either using the tap or a jug, can you make your container...


nearly full


nearly empty 



Remember to upload your photo onto purple mash - you could also write a label next to your container smiley



Have a look through the PowerPoint below to see which container hold more?



Today you will need at least three different size containers, for example:




Choose one of your containers and fill it with water. If you were to pour it into the next container, can you estimate how full the next container would be. Would it be full, nearly full, half-full or nearly empty? 



Today we are going to problem solve with weight and capacity! 

Click on the pictures to play the games smiley




Your last challenge of the week...


If you were an astronaut which container would you take with you to the moon?




                                       Bottle 1                               Bottle 2                          Bottle 3