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This week we will be learning about a concept called doubling.

Do you know what doubling means?

Doubling means twice as many.

When we have an amount, it means we need that same amount again. 


Watch the numberblocks episode by clicking on the picture to find out.


So if I had 2 sweets, to do double this I would need 2 more.




2+2= 4

Double 2 is 4. 




If I had 4 apples, to double this I would need the same amount again. 4 more.





Double 4 is 8.


Watch the numberblocks episode below to find out more.



Can you help Dobby the Alien in the powerpoint below?






Today you will need a set of dominoes.

You can use some you already have at home, make your own or print the ones below. 


Can you find all the dominoes which are double?

Remember double means they have 2 sides which both have the same amount. 


Once you have found the doubles, can you write the number sentences and find out what the answer to the double is.






Doubles, doubles, I can add doubles, it's no trouble for me to add doubles. 

Click on the picture below to learn a song to help you double. 

This gets in Miss Hale's head every time she plays it so we hope it will help you to double too smiley




Get some objects from around the house (sweets, stones, lego) or use your fingers. 

Get an adult give you an amount, can you double it using your objects/fingers?

You could put them in the tens frames you have from last week.


Remember double means the same amount.


A ladybird is a very special minibeast.

Did you find any on your minibeast hunts last week?


A ladybird's spot are always double!

That means they have the same amount of spots on both sides of their back. 

Can you help fill in the correct amount of spots on the ladybirds back?


Try to 10 first.

Then challenge yourself with up to 20.





Can you help us solve some doubling problems?





Extra challenge:

Play this game 

Choose Doubles to 10

Can you remember your doubles?