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As it is the last week of home learning we are going to be thinking about something a little bit different.

We thought maybe we could do some seaside activities as well some transition activities ready for Year 1.



Read the story 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson. 

Can you predict what's going to happen using the front cover?



Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

Once you have read the story can you have a go at drawing your own crab?


What will it look like?

Can you write a simple sentence about it using your phonics?

E.g. It is red. 


When you have been to the beach, what have you seen?

What have you done?

What can you do?

Talk about some of your seaside experiences.

Can you draw a picture of the seaside and write a sentence about it?



Maybe you could make your own seaside at home.

Can you build a sandcastle?

What kind of sand works best?


When we go on holiday, often it is very sunny. But it is important that we stay safe in the sun.

Watch this video and look at the powerpoint to find out why and what you need to do.

Despicable Me 2 Sun Safety Campaign

Can you make your own sun safety poster to tell other people what we need to do to stay safe in the sun?



Can you have your own sports day at home?

Here is a list of activities you could have a go at:


  • Egg and spoon race  

  • Throw the ball into the hoop 

  • Obstacle course race  

  • Throw the hoop onto the cone  

  • Throw the ball as far as you can. – measure distance (maths)  


Or you could choose your own activities. Have fun!

We would love to see some pictures on your purple mash blogs!




Today and over the summer we thought you might want to think of some information to tell your new teacher. Below are some activities you might want to do. 


Good luck in Year 1, we will miss you!