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This week we are going to be reading the story...

Aliens Love Underpants

The author of this story is Claire Freedman.

The illustrator of this story is Ben Cort.


Can you predict what you think it might be about?

Remember to use the pictures and title to help you predict.



Once you have listened to the story think about these questions.

Where did the aliens come from?

What did they come to earth for? 

What did they do? 


Can you think of some words to describe the pants?

A describing word is called an adjective


Can you draw your own pants and describe it by either labelling it (e.g 'spotty' 'red' 'pink' 'stripy') or write a sentence using your phonics including a describing word?


Listen the story Alien Loves Underpants again. 

In the story how do you think the Aliens are feeling?


How are the humans on earth feeling?



Was is the right thing to do that the Aliens took the pants? 


Is it kind or unkind to take someone else's things?


Can you think of a way of explaining to them that taking someone else's things isn't right.

Could you make a sign to stop them from doing this any more?





Where did the Aliens come from in the story?

Do you know how many planets there are in space?


Let's find out.

Watch this video!




Can you make a list of all the planets?

What can you tell us about them?

Which one do we live on?


Can you have a go at making your own planet?

We will be using paper mache!


You will need:

  • A balloon

  • Strips of newspaper/paper

  • 1 level mug of plain flour
  • 1 level mug of warm water, plus extra tap water for loosening.
  • Mixing bowl and spoon



  1. Stir together the flour and warm water in a large mixing bowl until well combined. Add extra tap water a little at a time to loosen. You want a smooth, batter-like paste with no lumps. You can sift the flour first for a super smooth finish.
  2. Blow up the balloon to the size of planet you would like. 
  3. Dip the strips of newspaper into your mixture, completely covering it and then wipe off excess.
  4. Put each strip onto the balloon until this has been completely covered.
  5. Leave to dry.






Let's think about the planets again. Which ones can you remember?

Rewatch the video from Wednesday.

Talk with a grown up about the colours of the planets.

What colours would you need to make the planets?


Can you design your own planet?

Who would live there? Would it be hot or cold?

Once your have designed your own you can paint your planet from yesterday if this is dry.