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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School


This week we will be starting our new project called "How do astronauts get to space?"

You will be doing the same tasks that the children in school will be doing. smiley


OH NO! What has happened?

This must have happened whilst we haven't been at school.

The teachers and the children found it this morning!


What is it?

What do you think might have happened? 

Where do you think it might have come from?

How did it get here?

Why is it in school?


Can you draw a picture of it? 

Can you write a sentence using your phonics to explain what you think might have happened?

We have set this as a task on purple mash too so you can practise your typing too. 



Talk to your child about what they think happened yesterday? Do they have any questions?

Try to use encourage the use of how and why questions.


Wait, the police have come and told us they have a witness...

Watch this video!

Witness statement

Still image for this video

So what do we know so far?

Can you make a poster about what you know so far?

You might want to draw a picture and write facts that you know. 


Today we will be reading the story 'Whatever Next!

This is one of our favourites, I think some of you might have read it too!



Did Mrs Bear believe Baby Bear had been to the moon?

Does this give you any clues about where the mess could be from?

Do you think it could have been baby bear? Does the story match the description from the witness yesterday? Why is it the same or different?


Can you pretend you're going to the moon?

Dress up like baby bear and go on an adventure.



Learn the song 'Zoom zoom zoom, we're going to the moon"

Can you clap in time to the beat?

Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon Song


Can you make some moon sand?




  • 8 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup vegetable oil or baby oil
  • Food colour (if you want to color it)
  • Essential oils for fragrance (if you want to make it smell nice)


  • Pour flour into a large plastic container or tub and add food colouring and essential oils if you desire.

  • Put in the oil to the centre and mix together with your hands until it is evenly distributed and the flour sticks together when you squeeze it. Add more oil if needed to get the correct consistency.

  • Give the children moulds, scoops, and more and let them enjoy.

  • This can be stored for a couple weeks in an airtight container before drying out