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Last week we learnt all about Handa's Surprise and learnt some facts about some of the animals in the story. We know that these animals live in Africa, which is a hot place.  


This week we are going to be learning about animals that live in cold places.

Do you know any countries that are cold? Do you know any animals that live in cold places?

Can you make a list of any animals that you know live in cold places and post a picture of this onto purple mash?



Let's find out what a polar bears habitat is (where they live)...

Do we have polar bears in this country? I wonder why they don't live here, let's find out in the story 'No place like home'. 

No Place Like Home

Can you write a sentence about what George liked about his home? 






Polar bears live where there is lots of ice, snow, freezing cold waters and lots of other animals. 

This place is called the Arctic, where the North Pole is! 

Look at the picture below to see how the Arctic looks from space. Why do you think it is white?


I wonder what other animals live in the Arctic. Have a look at the pictures and facts below to find out more... 







Which is your favourite Arctic animal? Can you draw a picture of this animal and write a sentence about a fact? For example what is it's favourite thing to eat? How does it stay warm in the cold weather?  



Today we are going to compare Africa and the Arctic.

Have a look at the pictures below and think about how they might be the same and how they are different. 





Would you rather live in Africa or the Arctic? Why? Can you write a sentence and upload it onto purple mash? 

Africa because elephants are my favourite animal! - Miss Pownall-Brown 




Today is a very special day!

It is called VE Day, which means victory in Europe. 75 years ago today, the second world war ended. So, it is very important that we celebrate today! 

People celebrated in 1945 by wearing red, white and blue as these are the colours in the British flag:


They also made the British flag, made hats and banners to celebrate and everyone was singing and dancing in the streets! 



Can you dress in red, white or blue today and make your own British flag, hat or banner and put them in your window and send us a photo on purple mash to show you are celebrating this very important and special day? 


When you have made your flag, hat or banner, put some music on and have a good boogie to celebrate! 





Have a look at the PowerPoint to learn more smiley