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This week we will be learning all about Easter and we are going to start with a story.

Read the story 'Saving Easter' below.

Ask your child questions about the story throughout. 

Predict what might happen at the end? 

What happened to the chickens?

How would you feel if your friends couldn’t help you? 

Why did the Easter Bunny not trust the goose/badgers/fox? 

Would you trust the animals?

Talk about how it’s important to work with other people and be friends with more than just the one group.

But, only trust people if we know them, we wouldn’t trust them if they are strangers.


Could you write a letter to the Goose/Badger/Fox to thank them for helping you using your phonic knowledge?


Post a picture of this to your challenge blog on purple mash and hopefully they will send you a letter back.


Remember parents the children are at different stages in their writing whilst some children will be able to write full sentences, others may only be able to hear initial sounds or a couple of sounds in each word. Some may be able to write a sentence but need some support in remembering what they were writing. It is important that we support and challenge the children to do as much as they can.

What would say "Thankyou for helping me" might look like "fakyoo for hepin mee" or even "f y fu hep mee."



Oh no, in the story, the Easter Bunny was miserable because he had no easter eggs.

Can you design him one? 

This has been set as a '2do' on Purple Mash or can be drawn/painted/collaged.

You could even hard boil a real egg and decorate it.

Be as creative as you can. 


Below is a template you could be use.


Thinking about the story from Monday.

I guess you could say that the fox, goose and the badgers were superheroes to the Easter Bunny because they helped him.

The chickens came back at the end of the story but do you think they know what happened whilst they was gone?


Can you draw a a picture from the story and write a sentence about it either on purple mash - a '2do' has been set or in your home learning books and upload them to the blog. 


Miss Hale had a go at doing it on Purple Mash.




Can you make an Easter card?

Write a message inside - you could write it to someone in your family or maybe family or friends you can't see at the minute. I am sure they would love a picture. 

Below are some Examples Miss Hale and Miss Pownall-Brown like. 






Does anyone know what happens at Easter?

Discuss with your child that Easter it not all about the Easter bunny and receiving chocolate eggs.

Not everyone celebrates Easter, it is a Christian tradition. Christians celebrate Easter because they believe it is the time when Jesus died and rose again.

It is all about new life.

Listen to this story which will tell you all about what happened and why we celebrate Easter. 

The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

The reason we get chocolate eggs is because the egg is a symbol of new life.


Look outside your window or use your daily exercise to talk a walk.

What new life can you see? What is growing? What is changing?

Animals, plants etc.


Can you write a diary about all of the things you can see growing and changing over the Easter holidays?