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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Literacy/ Project


This week let's start by looking at a new book.

The Way Back Home

The author is Oliver Jeffers.


The first thing we want you to do is look at the front cover.

What can you predict might happen?

Does it make you think of any questions?

Where do you think home might be?


As you go through stop the book after each page and think....

Can you predict what might happen next?

Can you clarify what any words mean that you are unsure about?

Do you have any questions you might like to ask?

What do we know so far?


Here are a few questions we would like you to think about...

What is the boy going to do? What makes you think that?

Where is he going to take it? What makes you think that? Summarise that we know the front cover had an Alien type thing so he could be taking it there.

Do you think our prediction could be right?

What does spluttered mean? What might happen if it runs out of petrol? Predict what he might do on the moon. What do we know so far? Was our first predictions, right?

Do you think his torch would work in space? Where else could he get light from?

Who else was in trouble? What is an engine/flicker? Predict what might happen next.

 What does martian and feared mean? What do you think they might do now they are together?

 How do you think they might fix the machines?

What would they need? Can you really jump down from space?

 Why is the Alien just stood there? Why is he sitting down?

 Oh no, he forgot about the Martian. Why couldn’t he hear him?

What happened? Summarise the story.



Did the boy in the story yesterday into space safely?

What could he have used which could have got him there safer?

How do astronauts go to space?

Read the powerpoint 'Amazing astronauts' to find out a little bit about how real astronauts go to space.

If you were going to space what 5 things would you take with you?

Can you make a list using your phonics to sound out the words?

Think carefully about what you might need to take.


Today let's do an experiment.

Balloon rocket

Let's make our 'rocket' fly.





When does it go the fastest?

When does it go the slowest?

Will a balloon with less air go a further or shorter distance?

Try a different balloon, what happens?


When the astronauts do get to space, what might they see?

Think about what we have learnt over the last few weeks of this term.


Have you ever laid down and looked at the stars?


What are stars?

Stars are made of gas.

Can you blow onto your hand? Can you feel the air coming out of your mouth?

 Air is a gas – you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Stars are huge balls of gas like our Sun.

Our Sun is a star.


Let's look at some constellations stars make in the sky.

Can you make your own?