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Brierley Forest

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Literacy/ Project


So far we have been thinking about the crash landing that happened in the school field and the Aliens that accidentally crashed it. 

This week we will start thinking about where they have come from and finding out some information.

Are they from our planet?

Did it come from Skegness?

No, they came from space. 

What is space?

What is there?


Can you remember where we might find information?

We could use a book or the internet.

Below I have attached some information I found.

But could you ask an adult to help you find out more information from space?

Is it the same or different to where we live?

Read this sentence:

What information have you found out?

Could you use your phonics to write a new fact you have learnt?


Now in space, there is the moon.

Is this made of cheese?

Do you think we could live on the moon?


But there are some people who have visited there. 

Let's learn all about the first person who stepped on the moon.

His name is...


Neil Armstrong


He was an astronaut.



Read the below powerpoint to find out some more information. 

Read this sentence:


Explain to a grown-up what information you have found out. 


Could you draw a picture of Neil Armstrong in his space suit and then write down 1 fact using your phonics?


Let's learn about someone else who went to space before Neil Armstrong.

But this time it is not a human...

It's an animal.

Laika is a dog who went to the moon.



How amazing does that sound?!

But it wasn't all happy news. 

Watch the video to find out all Laika's adventure into space.

Laika The Little Astronaut Dog

Can you remember?

Where did Laika come from? 

What rocket did she fly on? 

What happened to Laika? 

When was this? 


Think about your feelings with an adult.

How did this story make you feel?


Why did it make you feel like this?


Can you draw your face and and label it with the word?




Now today I would like you to imagine you are travelling into space.

What would you need?

Can you just go in your normal clothes?

No, we would need a space suit.

In space it is a very different atmosphere to here on Earth.

In space there is no air to help us breathe or no gravity to keep us on the ground.


Watch the video below to find out more. 



Why Do Astronauts Wear Space Suits?

Can you make your own space backpack, like those worn by real astronauts to breathe?

Click on the picture to find out how!



What would we need to make a space suit?

What would work the best?

Go around your house and find some different materials?

Can you write a list of the materials you have found?

Which of these materials would make the best space suit? Why?  



Would these materials need to be able to float in case of a crash? 

Which materials will float? Which will sink?

How can we find out?  

Get some materials from around your house and a bowl of water.

Predict if they'll float or sink then have a go to try it out.

Put a tick on your list if they float and a cross if they sink.