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Brierley Forest

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Literacy/ Project


So far this half term we have been learning about animals and their habitats

The first couple of weeks we learnt all about Africa, where it is in the world and what animals live there. 


Can you remember what animals live in Africa? 


What is the climate like? It is hot place? Is it a cold place?


Can you draw or paint a picture of Africa with some of the animals that live there? Make sure you label your picture and think about the colours you will use. Remember to post a picture on purple mash so we can see your fantastic work smiley



Today we are going to look at matching animals to their homes. 

We know that all animals have different habitat's and live in different climates. 


Can you complete the table by writing in all the animals that you know live in each of the habitats?


You could also draw the animal too.





Which habitat does a polar bear live in? Do they live in a hot or a cold climate?

Can you remember what keeps a polar bear warm? 


Have a look at the word of the day to remind yourself.


Think back to the story 'No place like home' and why the polar bear did not like the other places. 

Why don't polar bears live in Africa?

Would a polar bear survive in Africa? 

Can you write a sentence to answer the questions?



Have a look back to your work from Tuesday. 


Think about where the different animals live and why they live there? 


Can you answer our project question and write down your answer?


 Why can't all animals live in Africa? 


Can you try and use that special word 'because' 



Now that we have come to the very end our our project for this half term and you know all about lots of different animals, their habitats and what climate they live in.

We want to know what you would be if you were an animal? 


Can you write some short sentences about what animal you would be and why? Where would you live? What would you eat?

Make sure you post your amazing work onto purple mash for us to see smiley


We hope you have a lovely and safe half term and well done for all your hard work