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Last week we learnt all about Africa! This week, we are going to be reading a lovely story called... 



Handa's Surprise is Miss Pownall-Brown's favourite story! I hope you like it as much as I do!


Tell your child the title and the author - ask them what an author is?  Can they also remember what an illustrator is? 


Have a look at the front cover and think about these questions:

 - What do you think this story is about?

- What can you see on the front cover?

- Where do you think the story is set? 

- Who is that girl?

- Why do you think she has a basket on her head?

- Can you write a sentence predicting what you think will happen in the story? What do you think the surprise is? 

Think about what a good prediction is.

Would a good prediction be that the surprise is that superheroes are going to meet Handa?

Why not?

Do you think I looked at the pictures on the front cover?

Remember, the front cover can give us lots of clues to help us think what the story might be about.

Can you take a photo of it and post it onto your purple mash blog so we can see your predictions smiley




Let's read the story to find out what happens in Handa's Surprise



- Why do you think Handa is carrying the basket on her head? 

- Is Handa's home the same as yours? Would you have to walk with a basket of fruit on your head to take it to your friend's house? How would you get there?

- What happened to the fruit when Handa was walking to Akeyo's village?

- What happened to the goat?

- What did the goat do?

- How was Handa feeling when she saw the tangerine's in her basket?


Watch the story again, what animals do you see? 

What is your favourite animal in the story?

Can your grown-up help you to find out about your favourite animal? 

- What does this animal eat?

- Where does this animal live?

Can you remember how we find out about information? 

We can use books or the internet to help us find out information, but you can also use the PowerPoint below to find out some fun facts about these animals in Handa's Surprise. 

Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal and write at least one fact about your animal and upload your work to purple mash. 



Can you watch the story again to remind yourself of what happens? 

Can you make some puppets to re-tell the story to your family?

You could draw the animals and the fruit and put them on lollipop sticks to re-act the story out.

Could your grown-up video you re-telling the story and post it on purple mash? 



Let's get drawing!

Whenever we read a story at school, we love to make a story map to help us remember what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. 

Can you make your own story map of Handa's Surprise and send your fantastic work to purple mash?

Here are some to help you: 





Can you label your story map? 



- How did Handa surprise her friend Akeyo?

- How would you surprise one of your friends? 

- Who would you surprise? 

- Can you write your own story about surprising your friend?