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Literacy/ Project

Why can't all animals live in Africa?



What is Africa?

Where is Africa? 


Let's have a look at the world map and see if you can find Africa. Do you know what country we live in? Can you find it on the globe? 



It is important to remember that the world is not flat, like it looks on this picture. It is the shape of a sphere. 

Can you explore google earth to help you see how the world looks from space: 

Earth is the planet we live on, and we then live in a country called the United Kingdom, and within that country, we live in a city called Nottingham, and within that city, we live in a town called Sutton-In-Ashfield. 


Do you think we could walk to Africa? How would you travel there? 


Can you draw a picture of what transport you would use to get to Africa? Do you think riding a bike would be a good idea? Can you think back to when we learned about how we could make the world a better place and consider some of those things? Can you write a sentence about how you would get there? Remember to post your picture and writing on purple mash. 




Can you make a paper plate world like the ones below and then post your world on your purple mash blog so we can see them smiley 







Have a think about what you think Africa is like? Do you think it is the same as our country? Can you tell your grown up what you predict Africa is like?


Let's learn all about Africa! Go through the PowerPoint and think about how this is the same or different to our country. 

Now let's look at some landmarks in Africa! 

Where would you want to go?

Can you draw a picture of the landmark you would like to visit and write a sentence to say why you would like to go there? 


Watch the video's below and think about how their way of life is the same or different to ours. What do you notice?

Day in the Life in Africa

A short film of a day in the life of Okello, a child in Uganda, Africa.

Does this video look the same to your day to day life? What do you notice? What is the same? What is different?


Can you write a sentence about what it is like to live in Africa? 



Let's make some music!  


Can you make your own shaker? This is an instrument that people in Africa use to make music! 

You will need:

An empty toilet roll. 

                                                      Colourful paper.                                                         

Some material. 

Elastic bands. 





You could send us a picture or a video of you and your musical instrument too on purple mash! We can't wait to see your creations! smiley


Now, let's listen to some African music! Can you learn the lyrics too?


African Music and Lyrics - "There Is Magic"