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If you were a superhero, what would your special power be? (Spring 1)

If you were a superhero, 

what would your special power be?


This term we are going to be learning all about superheroes and what exactly superheroes are. 

Do they all wear a mask and a cape?

Are they all in movies and tv programmes?

Do you know any superheroes?

Do you have any super powers?

In Literacy this half-term, the first story we are learning all about is... 


It's Miss Hale's favourite story. 


At the beginning of the story something had been very unkind to the vegetables!



We knew it was something 'small, round and green' because this is what it says in the story. It had to be a pea!


We looked at the characters in the story but Miss Hale didn't tell us who rescued the vegetables so we came up with some of our own ideas...



                                       "Super Broccoli"                                              "Super Potato"


We even thought about what our Superveg might do and what their superpower might be.



                                             "It can run fast to the bad guy."                                  "It can fly."




In our project lessons, we have been thinking about what superheroes we already know and what super powers we would like to have.


This week we have thought all about having a power to freeze things.



One day after dinner we came back into the classroom to find this letter!



How were we going to get them out????


We discussed some different ways and then the children experimented using lots of different tools, including salt and washing up liquid!