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If you were a superhero what would your special power be? (Spring 1)

If you were a superhero what would your special power be?


This half term we are going to be learning all about superheroes and what exactly superheroes are. 

Do they all wear a mask and a cape?

Are they all in movies and tv programmes?

What superheroes do we know already?

Do we have any special powers of our own?


The first story we are looking at this half term is... Supertato! 



We started by making predictions about what we thought might happen in the story by looking for clues in the pictures, then reading the title and finally reading the blurb.


At the beginning of the story something had been very unkind to these vegetables!



We knew it was something 'small, round and green' because this is what it says in the story. It had to be a pea!


Miss Pownall-Brown didn't tell us who saved them! So we came up with our own ideas: 




We also created our own Superveg and thought about what super powers they might have: 



                                                        "Superbroccoli"                    "Superbroccoli" 



 "Supertomato. It can run. It can jump."     


                                                  "Supertato and Superbroccoli. It can fly. It can run" 


We made a story map to help us to re-tell the story and summarise some of the key events.
























In our project lessons, we have been thinking about what superheroes we already know and what super powers we would like to have. 


One day after lunch we came back to find this letter... 



How were we going to get it out? We discussed our ideas and thought that we could try to break it, put the ice in the sun and wait for it to melt or put hot water over it. We tried our ideas out but realised it was taking a long time for the ice to melt!




Miss Pownall-Brown said we could try putting some salt on the ice. We predicted whether we thought this would work or not. As we put the salt onto the ice we heard it start to crackle which made us very excited!

We observed what was happening and noticed the ice was melting quicker. 


On Monday 20th January, we discovered a letter from Spiderman asking us to help him get his powers back by making him a magic potion!

We checked we had all the right ingredients and then followed the instructions very carefully. 


We helped Miss Pownall-Brown follow the instructions very carefully and we watched closely to see what was happening after each step to see if anything had changed. When we had completed all the instructions... we noticed it was starting to fizz and foam!




The children even had a go at doing it themselves during their independent choosing time: 




They really enjoyed making their own potions and even mixing the powder paint to make different coloured potions too!

See if your child can tell you about what they did and you could try this at home too! smiley


We love learning new songs and dances in Foxes class. We have recently learnt the 'Superheroes Unite' dance and we love to sing along to it! 




Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Superheroes Unite (Dance-A-Long)

On Tuesday 28th January we had a visitor come into our Foundation classes.

You'll never guess what, it was a real-life superhero.


It was a...



He came in and told us all about his job and what fire fighters do!

He spoke to us all about fire safety and that if we needed help to ring


We learnt that if we had fire on us we needed to...


Stop, Drop and Roll. 

Here are some of the children demonstrating this:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

On Tuesday 4h January we had some more visitors come into school.

They were more real-life superheroes.


It was...


Police Officers.


One of them told us all about how they help to keep everyone safe and the other one showed us some of the equipment they use and even brought the police van in for us to explore!

We had so much fun and we learnt so much about the police.