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How does Art impact on stories? (Spring 2)

How does Art impact on stories?


This half term we will be delving into the world of illustrations and consider how pictures can encourage us to use our imagination and creativity.


For the first 2 weeks we will be looking at the story...


This is a story where the illustrations don't always match with the text and some pages are even wordless. We will be using our imaginations to predict what we think is happening within the illustrations and inferring knowledge from what we can see. 


In the story, Max's bedroom turns into a forest! Tree's and plants grow all around until you cannot see the wall anymore. 

In project, we have been thinking about what plants need to grow and we have started to grow our own plants...

Can you guess what we are growing?




Each day we are discussing the changes and writing about what is happening. We have put our pots near the window so the cress can get sunlight and we water them everyday too.