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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

History & Geography

History and Geography at Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School


Here at Brierley, we recognise the importance of basic skills – the building blocks of learning. Children need constant repetition, practice and over-learning to secure these skills. We teach these skills discretely, giving them prominence of place and allocating the necessary time for learners to become proficient, competent and confident.

Each year group studies two history and two geography units throughout the year, which build upon previously taught skills and knowledge, reinforcing learning through repetition and practice.

In year 5, we study: rivers, mountains and the water cycle; time zones and the globe; Britain over time post 1066 and complete a local history study.

Below, you can see our knowledge organisers, which provide more detailed information about the different topics taught this year. You can also find examples of our work.


Knowledge Organisers

This Term (Spring 1 & 2)

We will be looking at rivers and mountains, including their role in the water cycle. We will be looking at the terminology for the different parts of a river, important rivers around the world and even constructing our own river out of clay!


To show the different features, this week we made rivers out of clay. here you can see the upper course, middle course and lower course.

We have now developed our learning through looking at the benefits and disadvantages of building dams. Then, we created our own damns on our rivers.