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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School


English at Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School 

At Brierley, we use a variety of schemes to help in supporting our understanding of English. We use Rainbow Grammar to develop our grammatical knowledge throughout the school and we are very lucky to be apart of online sessions with the Talk for Writing Team in Year 5. Over the year we look at creating a variety of different texts, including: poetry, newspaper articles, narratives, diary entries, blogs and many more. To inspire us, alongside our writing work we read a range of books.

This Term

In English, we have an exciting opportunity this term! We will be working with Pie Corbett and the Talk for Writing team to improve our narrative, story writing skills. We will take part in online sessions on Monday mornings to develop our ideas ready for the rest of the week. Alongside this we will be looking at the text 'Brightstorm'. 


You can see some examples of our work below!

(To see even more examples of our work, visit the website using the link.)

Spring 2

Unbelievable work coming soon!

Spring 1

WC 24/01/2022

This week with the Talk for Writing team we have been developing our use of figurative language, such as: similes, personification, metaphors and juxtapositions. We have designed our own dragons and used figurative language to create a poem.

WC 01/02/2022

Now we've created our fearsome dragons our characters are almost ready to set off on an exhilarating adventure. But where are we going? See our maps to find out!

WC 07/02/2022

This week for homework we were set the task of designing our own sky ship for our adventure!