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Cut out the pictures and glue onto card to make an Easter card.

Here are some other fun ideas for you.

Today would be a lovely day to make a shaker, all you need is –

  • A clean empty plastic pot (a yogurt pot will do).
  • Paper to cover the top and sticky tape (decorate the paper before you put it on the shaker).
  • Usually I would say to put rice or pasta inside (mum you might not want to part with these precious items) but you could put Lego or buttons inside.
  • Seal the shaker with the tape (make sure you seal it tightly).   

You can use your shaker next time we go out at 8:00pm to say a Big Thank You to all our NHS workers.  

Or you can use your shaker when singing to your favourite songs and rhymes.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun.