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Bastille Day 2021

Week beginning: 10th May 2021


"What time is it Mr Wolf?"


This week, the children have been learning to tell the time through both analogue and digital clocks. We have really persevered with this as we found it very tricky to find time in 5 minute intervals. Please encourage your child to tell the time within the home especially time to the hour. We are super stars with telling the time past the hour and have worked really hard to find those tricky minutes! 

Pointillism artists in the making!

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good morning Discoverers, 


Firstly, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope you have had a lovely Christmas spent with your closest loved ones. I know it is a very strange time right now after the recent news from the Prime Minister. A few of you have managed to login into your Teams login which is fantastic. Today, I need as many of you to try to login in as possible. If you can't find your login then please contact the school office and they can give this to you. By logging into Teams, we can deliver live lessons to you and assignments that would follow what we would do in the classroom so it is really important that you can access this. 


If you are struggling to login due to no access to a computer/laptop/tablet then again please let the office know your circumstances so we can still meet the needs of your child and deliver the education they need. 


As always, thank you for your continued support. 

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss Gale 

Our beautiful poppies in our Remembrance Garden.

Enrichment - From 10th November 2020


Due to current circumstances, the children will not be going to The Mill to attend enrichment, however, the wonderful team at The Mill will be coming to the school grounds with their equipment. The children that access enrichment this half term will still need to come in their suitable clothing and also bring wellington boots (with a named carrier bag) as the ground is becoming very muddy and slippy. 


Thank you for your continued support smiley


Miss Gale

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020


Welcome back to the second half term this Autumn! I hope everyone has had a lovely and relaxing half term break. I understand it is a worrying time at the moment but the children have returned to school in a positive manner and have truly blown me away with their fantastic efforts in their learning.


This half term our project question is 'How does where we live shape how we live?' The children have begun to break apart the question and looked at their local area and how they live before beginning to explore different places in the world and how different the children live there to us. This week we will build on this knowledge and complete a timeline of our daily lives to compare in future weeks with other people's daily lives around the world. We will locate different cities on a map using geographical language and learn the 8 points of a compass as well as some OS symbols.


In Maths this week, we have moved onto subtraction beginning with subtracting  a 1-digit from a 3-digit before moving onto 2-digit and 3-digit and 3-digit and 3-digit. We will find many sums need exchange (asking our neighbour, not borrowing) so we will use the column subtraction method to help us to solve these. 


In English, this half term is focused on the theme 'to inform' and the children will create letters, newspaper reports and information leaflets focusing on the text 'The Tin Forest'. We will link this back to our project question thinking about how we affect the world around us.


In Science, this half term is focused on 'Forces and Magnets'. We have already begun to identify different forces including push and pull and the start and stop motion. We will continue to develop our knowledge identifying many different forces and expand our skills by experimenting with forces and magnets with various materials.


It's going to be a very exciting half term!


Thank you for your continued support smiley

Miss Gale 

Parent's Evening


It is Parent's Evening next Wednesday (14th) and Thursday (15th),you should have already received this information by email explaining how to log onto the website to book your slot. I am already at almost full capacity on Wednesday but I have many slots still available Thursday. Please check your emails if you have not already booked a slot or contact school to let them know if you are unsure of how to access the website. 


I look forward to virtually seeing you all next week and sharing the many successes of your child this half term.


Miss Gale smiley

Week Ending 2/10/2020


We have now completed our fourth week of the Autumn Term and it has truly flown by!  The children have really settled well into the new school year and have immersed themselves straight into their learning. I am so very proud of how hard the children have worked especially in their learning journeys and completing work to a high standard. 


This week, we finished our unit of Place Value in maths. Next week, we will start our unit on Addition and Subtraction using 3-digit numbers with ones, tens, multiples of hundreds, 2-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers. We will focus on addition for the first two weeks before moving onto subtraction after the half term. Children will be introduced to using the bar model to create calculations in addition, use a part-part-whole model, base 10 representations and finally column addition. In Year 2, we used column addition with 2-digit numbers. This is a great start if children wish to practice some calculations at home before using 3-digit numbers to solve addition problems. 


From today (2/10/2020), there will be weekly spellings available on Spelling Shed as well as tasks on My Maths. Your children are to use the same logins they used during the lockdown. 


As well as practising any calculations at home, I would also like to encourage children to practice their handwriting using leads in (also known as pre-cursive handwriting). This will enable the children to begin joining their handwriting as an expectation by the end of Year 3. I have already seen some beautiful handwriting and some children beginning to join their letters. Well done everyone. 


Have a lovely weekend smiley


Miss Gale

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