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Academic year 2020/2021...


For the first term back (after a long time apart), it was paramount that we ensured all children have a happy return to school and have the opportunity to share their experiences of lockdown and talk through any worries or concerns they may have. With this in mind, Busy Bees provision has had to change, in that, Miss Townley will be working within the Y1/Y2 'bubble', whilst Miss Polyak will be working within the Y3/Y4 'bubble'. This is to ensure all of the children receive nurture in a safe way.


The Y1/2 children have participated in activities that centred around team-work, friendship and working together. The children have engaged in group discussions and tasks where they reflected upon working together and their personal qualities that contribute to them being a good friend and a team player.


The Y3/4 children have shared the book Because by Mo Willems and focussed on the themes of change, inspiration, dedication, team-work, and resilience. The children have enjoyed participating in group discussions and self-reflection and have completed activities that reinforce self-awareness and personal development. 




For Autumn Term 2 The Y3/4 children will share the book The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and will focus on friendship, resilience, achievement and emotional regulation. The children will complete activities that aim to develop their self-confidence and resilience by engaging in group discussions and self-reflections to identify any areas they want to develop.




2019/2020 news...


Within Spring 2 the book we will use is Giraffe Problems by Jory John. Within this book we will focus on friendship, self-confidence and resilience.




Covid 19!


During this time of uncertainty and school closures Miss Townley and I would love to support your children and your family. We have therefor compiled a list of activities, resources and useful websites for you to access and use during this time. We hope you enjoy these shared learning opportunities with your children and as a family. smiley


Hello you lovely Busy Bees...


We hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the delicious treats!


So we are now into Summer 1 Term, which means we have a new book to look at and discuss. The book we will look at this term is The Little Tree by Loren Long.




We hope you enjoy this story and learn some lessons from it. I'm sure you will all see, how change can be hard to accept but when we do embrace it, joy can be found. Little Tree felt sad and alone during a time of change but when he learnt to accept change, he began to grow and flourish. We find ourselves in a time of change and some of you might find this hard but try to find your joy during this time.There is definitely some to be found!  All of the things you hold dear about school, will still be there when you return and we look forward to hearing about all the joy you found and experienced during this time.


Remember you are all amazing and cannot just find joy but share it to!


We look forward to seeing you soon. 


Miss Polyak and Miss Townley heart




As we are into Summer 2 term and our final term, it is time to change our book. This term we will be looking at the book Oh, the Places You'll go by Dr Seuss. This rhythmical story discusses how transitions can be daunting but also exciting. As we begin to think about next year and reflect upon this one, it is important to consider all the aspects that change brings and the feelings it evokes. We hope you enjoy this story and can think about your personal journey and what next year will mean for you. 




Life is one big adventure, filled with experiences. Some of these experiences may seem overwhelming and come as an unwanted change but try to take comfort in the fact that they are inevitable and are happening because you are ready for this change, embrace it and fly high. There is so many people you can share your thoughts and feelings with, so please reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed or want to share your excitement! Whatever you are feeling, we believe in you, you have got this!


See you all soon, Miss Polyak and Miss Townley smiley




As we approach the end of this academic year, Miss Townley and I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the busy bees. You have worked tremendously hard and we are so proud of your continued effort within all of your tasks. We have had a lovely year within Busy Bees and commend you for dealing with the challenges this year presented with. We will cherish the memories made this year and the laughter we shared. 


We also want to wish you the happiest of summer breaks, we hope it is filled with fun and relaxation like you all deserve.


We look forward to welcoming you in September.


See you soon,


Miss Polyak and Miss Townley xx   




See you soon Busy Bees

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A little video from Miss Townley and I.

Please click on the attachments below to access activities and links to online learning and don't forget to check Purple Mash for other Busy Bee Activities.


We wish you well and hope to see you soon. heart