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Please read our blogs about the development of the KS2 playground below:

KS2 Playground Design!

By Oscar and Ella

First of all, both the year 6 classes (Voyagers and Architects) scanned through a catalogue to have a look at play equipment that they may want to include in the playground. Next, we all designed our playgrounds on a piece of paper as a rough copy; which we would use to show everyone is our class (The Voyagers).


On the same day, we showed our designs to the rest of The Voyagers and then all the pupils voted for which of the designs was their favourite. We voted, and the design that won in our class was the one made by Denni, Ella and Aliyah. The pupils picked the one that was the most safest and suitable for our age and disability.


The both groups that were picked had to go to the governors but before that they had to sort out the profit for our money and how much the labour would cost. Next they made a power point to present to the governors. The governors gave the ok and decided to put both of our ideas together to make an awesome playground!

Two companies made a design for the playground and we voted for which company we wanted to build our playground. About a week later, the builders came and they are building the playground. They are making our amazing designs into reality! Here is how the playground looks in the development!

The KS2 new playground

Cole and Daniel


We give you all a warm welcome to our new designed playground. Firstly, Miss Griffith challenge year 6 (Voyagers and Architects) to make a creative design for a new and improved playground. So we started off and all the creativity was unbelievable! All of the designs were spectacular so we had a debate on which was our favourite. It came to two groups and they thought it would be a good idea to combine the two to make it fair. They had a limit of money which was £20,000 to spend and they successfully did that in a blink of an eye.

The two groups had a meeting with the governors to start the beautiful design, that had been cheeked multiple times to make sure that it was the best that they could do. The winners (Denni, Ella, Ailyah, Harlow, Rameel, Katie, Bethany) told the governors what they wanted so one month later they got to work and it is going really smoothly.

For the past week or so, the workmen have put their blood, sweat and tears into this playground so a really big thank you for the support and the thank you have done for this school.



George, Aston and Nojus

We started off by getting a job from Mrs. Griffith to create a design for a new playground for our yr3,4,5,6 so we didn’t have to use our playground we have now. We looked though the catalogue and found out what there was to put in our design.

We finished the layout design for the playground and were set to add up our finances to get our total amount of money (which came up to 19,663 and our budget was 20,000). The class voted and made the final decision of who the people going to the governors meeting to persuade them to make it for us and the other class did the same.

We mixed our ideas together and got two designs from two companies and made the last decision of the designs and chose the cheapest one for us. Since then we have been taking pictures and doing blogs to see the transformation of the playground, thank you for reading our blog and we hope you enjoy the new playground.

This is one of the designs:


Welcome to Our key stage two project

By Corey, Marks and Shea


  So we took some ideas out of a catalogue then some of us cut them out with scissors and others drew them, then we took them to the governors and they chose witch ones they wanted there was two remaining and they were conjoined together.

Also we added the prices of them and got a rough estimate of what it would be and the price plus the labour all of it was expensive if it went over the limit we would have to take something of the list until it met our limit. 


        Our school playground design.


At Brierley, we have been designing our own playground on an immense sheet of paper. Once we had finished designing it, we all voted for the most magnificent design out of the lot. We sent the design to the governments and they made their version and let us decide which one would be built.


On the first day, they were at the top, where the stairs were and they were making the equipment near the sports hall doors (that are dark blue). On the second day, they were digging deep holes and later on, near the end of the day, they were putting down the shelter’s legs, which were pretty cool by the looks of it. On the third day, they had attached the roof onto the shelter’s legs and everything was started to fall into place.


Year 6 Playground Design

Leah, Kaitlyn and Lilly

First of all, we all designed a new playground on a sheet of plain paper it took use awhile.  After we did are design we voted as a class which one was the best. When we voted for the best design we sent it off to the companies, then the chosen group improved their design and sent it off to the government.

After a few days, we got a replay from the government after we got that reply the people started pricing it up for use then we sent it off again to see how much our total was everyone got a balanced amount of money.  Also, we sent the chosen design to another company then saw what the price was wanted for that company to build it for us.

When we got back to the companies, both of their opinions  came together as both year 6 classes voted for each company that is ready to build it for us.

KS2 Playground Project

Denni and Aliyah

Thank you for looking at our blog, we are happy to help with any of your questions on the subject of our KS2 playground. 


First of all, each year 6 class scanned through a catalogue to find which play equipment they would like to use. The most important thing we did when looking through the catalogue was to find equipment suitable for the age range of years 3 to 6.


Then we focused on our layout, so we could decide where each piece of equipment was going to be placed. Once we had finished our final layout, we added all of the pieces of equipment together to get our final amount, which we needed to pay, to make all of our effort come true.


After that each class was told to vote which group was the best and safest layout and Denni, Ella and Aliyah were the winners in Mrs Wallis’s class and Rameel, Kate, Bethany and Harlow were the winners in Miss Smedley’s class.


So they then had to present a power point in front of Brierley’s school governors. The governors then told us both our designs were brilliant so they blended the two ideas together. And that was it our dream playground was in the process.


Now as you may see when doing the school run a group of helpful workers are building away to make our playground dreams a reality.



Bree and Lacey

For a couple of months, we have been working on the playground for KS2.  Miss Griffith challenged us to design a new playground so we can enjoy break time and lunch time.


We started to design it on some paper in groups of three and we planned it all together. Then we looked at the prices. And then calculated them together and got are total. We had a limit of 20,000 pound to spend plus labour cost 3,000 pound.

Key Stage Two Playground

Blake, Mason and Wiktor

Hello thank you for taking interest in our project [that the Voyagers and The Architects planned] it was hard though. All of year 6 worked on this but it wasn’t easy. While making our plans, we had limited time and money to choose with we calculated our money so we knew how much it is going to cost while picking equipment. It was kind of fun because we could talk to our friends while planning. When we did it there was a lot of groups with 3 to 4 people in each group. We decided that the grass needs to be soft for child safety. If we don’t have safety, people can get hurt.

After we chose what to pick of all our things we gave it to the governors (who decide on school budget).


By Aflie and Keeden

First: The Head Teacher challenged us to make a design for the KS2 playground. We scanned through a catalogue to find the equipment for the playground. When we found the equipment we looked at the code and the price to see how much it would be plus the labour.

Next: We looked at the outline of the playground to see where we can put the equipment.  We also looked what they had in store. Our price limit was £20,000 but labour was £3,000.

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