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Please read our blogs about the development of the Key Stage 2 Playground below:

KS2 Playground project

Rameel and Kye

Welcome, thank you for taking interest in our playground project! Let’s talk you through the details and content of our new project…

First of all, we asked KS2 what they would like to add to the playground in order for it to be suitable for all interests. Then, both year 6 classes (Architects and Voyagers) made a rough layout of what they would like to include in the playground, of course involving the opinions of other children. Thirdly we took all designs into consideration, maintaining the safety features and making sure that they were safe and accessible for children with physical disabilities so that all children could interact with each other safely but also while having fun!

In order for us to choose a design, we voted! The winning group, was sent to present their design to the school governors so that they could agree and approve the construction of the project! Here is some of the progress:

Thank you for your time, for further information you may ask a member of staff or explore our website! Bye!

The Ks2 Playground

Katie and Kate

The Process

First of all, we knew that we required the feedback of others to assist with our designs. We passed through many different classes in ks2 to examine the outcome. In this survey, we had multiple questions about what equipment may be in the playground, whether people preferred calmer activities and a few other questions that covered other areas.

After we received the results, we began working on our designs. Many of them were unique and a few of them were noticeably similar. We spent a few days cutting out shapes and drawing on our designs to get them absolutely authentic.  And of course, we had to hold a vote. We slowly narrowed it down to 2 particular project designs. One was in the Architects Class, the other in the Voyagers. Once the governors approved the design, we ordered it.

A few months later, they began the building.

Day 1

The vans arrived and the builders began to build the masterpiece of the combined designs. All of the children came to observe it take shape!  J


Day 2

On the second day, you could finally start to see a playground setting. Many children came to admire it. They had made a lot of progress!


Everybody was ecstatic! Including the yr3, yr4, yr5 and yr6 children!


Y6 have been designing a fun playground for the KS2 children. First they have been asking classes what equipment they want on the new and improved playground. Then they cut pictures out in their groups and stuck them on a paper, next they drew it on another piece of paper and voted for the best one. The group that won would have to show it to the governors. After a few weeks, both Y6 classes had to decide which company should build it.



On day 1 of the playground construction the company started to work. As you can see in front of the hall, they started of with an obstacle course. They worked very hard on the obstacle course. The builders of the playground had tried their best even on the first day. The children have been observing the building process and have been taking pictures. It has been very messy on that side of the fence.


Day 2 is when the contractors (who are the builders) had made some of it but there is still more to go! They had took some of the bricks off the ground for the hexagonal shelter where you could hang out with your friends and to take shelter from the rain and snow. Keep in mind that in the morning there was snow and freezing.


Mia and Ruby

The year 6`s have designed this play ground all by themselves with their own imagination! Is that amazing or what?!

First, we had to ask all the ks2 children if they like active playgrounds or quiet playgrounds or both types of playgrounds. Nearly all of the ks2 children picked both type of playground but the rest of the children picked active so we added more active equipment. J

Our year 6 plan for the new playground


Y6 have been designing a playground for the key stage 2 children have planed the construction of the enjoyable playground. The children have experience of architecture.

Day 1

 The contractors started to build the playground they started taking the bricks out of the ground because to stable the shelter. They started with climbable obstacles and wall activities.


Day 2   

Day 2 was a struggle as it was icy but the men were strong-willed. It was extremely cold that day (doesn’t change anything it is still cold by climate change and the storms). The men started digging underneath the dirt, rock and unusual things.





First we made an interesting survey around ks2’s choices for the new playground so we can we make our own fascinating ideas of what it should it should look like. So, the year 6’s made a bunch of amazing designs for the hard-to-choose classrooms votes that would begin one day.


And then a big classroom vote began and only two precious designs won the both classroom’s votes of each class. Then those votes went to the governors for the decision. One of the designs looks and reasonable explanations made them choose that one for anyone’s use. On the first day back from our week off, they started to work on removing the midnight-black tiles and rose-red bricks for us to be safer while we all were confused.


Then one single day, they started to make some of the relaxing huts and all of the wooden, strong monkey bars or small musical instruments. Everyone would begin to walk over and stare in amazement as our new playground is begging to form of our liking and enjoyment that their liking is from their choices on the survey we asked them. This is Evie’s Playground blog, hope you enjoyed reading! Good bye.


Hello! We have a new playground in ks2. We want to show you some of our photos of day 2. We asked children around school and asked them what they wanted on the playground. The year 6 was so excited for the playground .KS2 thought that we should have a playground because KS1 have their own playground. 

Alfie and Lilli

Hello everyone! In this half term we are having a new ks2 playground. So these are some photos that we took. Year six have been so excited to have a new playground. We had 2 choices of a playground and we picked this one. Ks1 has their own playground so ks2 thought we should have a playground too. Do you think it’s a good idea too? We asked other children what they want on the new playground and we made our own design from the ideas. Some people from our class won and one from the other did to so we put them together.

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