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Welcome to The Wizards 



Our Class Teacher is Miss Jackson. In The Wizards we always strive to be the best that we can be by following our school rules 'Ready, Respect and safe'. As a Wizard we know that we have to face challenges to discover our true potential in all of our learning. 

21st February - 1st April 2022

Welcome back to another fabulous half term in The Discoverers 



We begin this half term studying length and perimeter. Please encourage your child to make comparisons of length at home to support and reinforce their learning in class. We will explore equivalent measurements of cm = mm and cm = M.  After this unit of work, we will move onto fractions. The children will begin to look at Y2 coverage of halves, quarters and thirds to close the gaps before learning the Y3 curriculum. The children have been amazing learning their times tables through Timetable Rockstars so please encourage your child to access this at home. 



Our English this half term is focused on writing 'to inform'. We will make links with our knowledge of Brazil and create a non-chronological report about the Amazon Rainforest reinforcing our work on the animals of the rainforest. We will explore the current news of the sudden disappearance of the rainforest and how deforestation and forest fires have impacted this. We will create newspaper reports, information leaflets and present information using Microsoft Power-point. 

First News iHub - Every child has a login to First News iHub and have thoroughly enjoyed reading different news articles and developing their comprehension skills. This is also accessible at home too. 



This half term, we will use our geographical knowledge to create a study comparing the United Kingdom and Brazil. During this unit of work, we will examine the human and physical features of both countries and find similarities and differences. We will continue our map skills work using the 8 points of a compass to locate and compare the countries using world maps and atlases. We will begin to learn about biomes, climate zones and the vegetation belt. We will discover how climate differs between countries nearest and furthest away from the equator. 





PSHE this half term is focused on 'Safety and the Changing body'. We will use St John's Ambulance to understand how to aid someone who has collapsed and how to call for help. We will learn about bites and stings and how to treat these. We will look at how to be safe online including how to use kind words and how to spot and stop cyberbullying. Finally, we will learn about how the choices we make and choices that are made for us. 



Our unit of RE is all about sacred places of worship. We will look at Christianity, Islam and Hinduism and make comparisons about the buildings, prayer and traditions. On Thursday 10th March we will visit St Mary Magdalene's church to understand the sacred features of a Christian church and learn about the importance and purpose of prayer. 




Our music this half term is focused on the Chinese new year. We will learn what a pentatonic scale is, practice playing this on a glockenspiel before finally composing our own melodies to perform. By the end of the unit, we will perform music linked to the Chinese New Year. Rocksteady is still weekly for the selected children. 



Strictly here we come! As this half term is all about dance! We will learn how to improvise dance movements, create dance using a traditional tale and learn zumba steps to perform. 



I look forward to our new term together 


Miss Jackson