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Welcome to the Gruffalos class page! 


In the Gruffalos class we work really hard to stand out in the right ways. We model respectful behaviour in the corridors by walking quietly and staying on the left to protect others around us. We are building resilience in maths by practising our skills again and again. We are practising our handwriting to make sure we are ready to communicate our wonderful ideas to audiences far and near.


In maths, we have just finished working on Number and Place Value within 50! Wow! We were working with some BIG numbers!! We were looking at one more and one less, as well as putting them in size order. We were looking at how many 10s and how many 1s we see in those numbers too. We have also been looking at measuring ourselves in vegetables. Did you know Miss Johal is 8 carrots tall? We are so excited to move on with our learning to look at length and height, as well as weight and mass. 


In writing, we have just finished a unit all about plants and vegetables! Alongside our science project, we have been looking at two stories; Oliver's Vegetables and The Enormous Turnip. (You can read them too if you scroll down!) 

We have been practising writing expanded noun phrases (go us!) to describe Oliver's garden, and we have been looking at adverbs of time (oooooh) to sequence characters in The Enormous Turnip. We are experts at prepositions - go on, ask us to tell you where something is! We know that prepositions position a noun! 


Science has been super fun too! We have been looking at plants in real life. We have been naming the parts of a flowering plant and talking about what each bit is for. We're in the middle of a science project right now to see what plants need to grow. We have put some seeds with and without water in Miss Stevenson's cupboard and we have put some seeds with and without water on the window sill. I wonder which will grow the best? 


We have been learning all about Great Britain in our project this term as we answer the question: What does the British Flag represent? 

We know that the British Flag (also called the Union Jack) represents us in our community (in Sutton-in-Ashfield) in our country (England) but not only that because it also represents three other countries! Flags are so cool. The British flag also represents our laws and values as a society and we met a real life police officer who told us all about laws and what to do if you ever feel unsafe.


We cannot wait to be back for Summer 1. 



will have lots of fun through our projects including - Our place in the world and how we affect it! Has the human race learnt anything? How are the arts valued in the world today? How are we affected by the physical features of the world? & Engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors!

Books we will be reading in Summer 1!