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Brierley Forest

Primary and Nursery School

Autumn 1 - What makes me special?


A study of a theme about the similarities and differences of my own life and that of others, including significant events that have happened.

During this project we considered ourselves and people who are close to us.

The challenge was to answer the question: “What makes me special? This challenge guided the children through a project that supported their skill in using the senses to find out information.  The focus was on developing strategies for: speaking and listening and researching the similarities and differences between ourselves and others over time. This included :

  • Questionnaires, timelines, toys and other artefacts from birth to now including previous generations. Children acted out different parts of their lives e.g. babies, adults, jobs, activities and events. This allowed the children to compare and contrast between the similarities and differences between their lives and others. Children got the chance to take home a special bear and talk about their time at home encouraging others to ask questions. This helped them to evidence and justify their response to the challenge question.
We talked about our feelings.