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A journey to Asia

Clever sticks

Share the story.The little boy can use chopsticks very well and shows the other children how to do it.
What do you normally use to eat with? In which countries might you be given chopsticks to eat with? Give each child two bowls – one with objects in and another that is empty. Give them a pair of chopsticks. Invite the children to explore the chopsticks. Can they pick up an object from their bowl? Has anyone used them before? Demonstrate the best technique, but allow them to experiment for themselves. If they get the hang of picking an object up, can they move it into their empty bowl? Which objects do they find easiest to pick up? You could try having broken biscuits at snack time for the children to eat with chopsticks, just like the story.


Find a pair of chopsticks or 2 pencils or 2 sticks from the garden. Find things that you can pick up using the sticks in one hand.

Can you have a chopstick race with a grown up or a brother or sister?