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New Building

New Build

We are now settling in to our beautiful new building. Over the next four months the old school will be demolished and then the landscaping can be finished.

Photos to follow.

Keep up to date with the latest photos and news about our new school build.



Have you seen the latest photos?

We now have windows and the roof is being tiled.

It's starting to look like a school now.



Latest 'New Building' News


Building will begin in August 2015.


We will try to keep disruption to a minimum but please be aware there will be a lot of building traffic around in September. Staff will be on hand to help you.


Our New School

As you will have noticed, things have begun to happen on the school site ready for the build to begin next week. Although we are sad to see some of our beautiful trees disappear this is the first step before the builders can begin to transform Brierley. We will replace the trees when the new school is built (hopefully ready for us to use in September 2016).


We will need to make changes to how everyone moves around the site as the fencing around the new building will block the path from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.If you are dropping of your children at Foundation 1, Key Stage 1 to Year 3 please come onto the site using the Westbourne View gate. If you are bringing children to Year 4,5,6 or for breakfast club please use the St. Mary's Road gate. The only way to move between each end of the site will be through the trim trail outside the sports hall, which is narrow and will become crowded easily, especially with pushchairs. If this causes you any difficulties please let staff know.


I will update you on the new school as the weeks pass.

week 1 and 2

Week 4

2nd month

4th month

5th month

6th month

7th month - We now have tiles on the roof, inside walls. bricks are going on the outside of the build

8th month - we'll soon be able to have a look around

9th month - Take a look inside our new building!

The old school is slowly being demolished.

The old school is slowly being demolished. 1
The old school is slowly being demolished. 2
The old school is slowly being demolished. 3

History of our school.


Carsic Infant School opened in 1973


Carsic Junior School opened in 1982


Carsic Infant and Carsic Junior went onto amalgamate and become Carsic Primary School on the 1.09.2004


Carsic Primary School was then closed on the 31.08.2012 when Carsic primary school and Sutton Nursery Centre amalgamated, forming the school we have today, Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School.


Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School officially opened on 1.09.2012