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The Voyagers looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers!

The Voyagers looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers! 1

Christmas Calamity!

In English, we have been reading about a clumsy cat who causes a massive disaster at Christmas.

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We have written our own versions involving our own Christmas Calamities. You'll be able to see the final versions when we bring them home on Friday!

Hello and welcome to the Voyagers class of 2018/19!


My name is Miss Canniffe and I’m very excited to be your teacher.


I love learning new things and developing my skills, and I hope by the end of the year you will too.


I do my very best to make my lessons fun and interactive, so everyone gets involved and everyone enjoys themselves – that’s how we all learn best!


I want to make our classroom a safe, welcoming place so that you can all grow into the very best people you can be.


There are lots of new things to learn in year 5, and I’m excited to get started on them with you. I can’t wait to get to know you all!