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Quest - Year 4 Literacy Intervention

Quest is a year 4 Literacy programme that lasts for 16 weeks.

The T A will deliver a 16 week fun and exciting programme of work to support reading, spelling and writing.
During this programme the children will help'Sir Kit' on his quest through Dragon Island to get the Kings box back. Doing a variety of activites to help Sir Kit travel past the volcano, collect magic water from shark lagoon, find the secret weapon and collect the box from the dragon!

You will find work from the Quest groups displayed around school.

If you have the time when you're in school check out the Quest displays in the key stage 2 corridoor..
Picture 1 2014/2015 Quest group
Picture 2 2014/2015 Quest group
Picture 3 Drama in Quest
Picture 4 Drama in Quest
Picture 5 Drama in Quest
Picture 6 Drama in Quest
Picture 7 year 4 Quest group
Picture 8 Hard at work.
Picture 9 Sir Kit of the week!
Picture 10 Shark Lagoon!
Picture 11