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100 Things to Do

100 Things to do at Brierley

Our children get the opportunity to take part in some brilliant activities throughout the day.
Each term the activities change.

Key Stage 1 were able to take part in a dance off, holding exotic animals, making tents, watching films from before they were born trying food from different countries and playing board games.

Key Stage 2 took part in rock climbing , street dance, washing a car, sewing buttons, playing top trumps, tasting foods from different countries and decorating.


110 things to do day spring 2016

100 things to do @ Brierley Autumn



Key Stage 1 children - Making Bread, Making a model from a variety of materials, Foot and Hand print with paint , Break a record, A country park walk, Take a photo and frame it.


Key Stage 2 children - Baking Pizza, throw a water bomb at a target, Do something for charity, Learn to tie 3 different knots, Balloon modelling, Play a team game, bungee running.